It’s Spring Break for UMKC

After another semester, what’s everyone doing around campus?


Julia Kapros

Photo by Julia Kapros/RooNews.

Gabriel Flynn, Staff Writer

  After working through another tough semester many students are looking forward to a break or at least a chance to finally collect themselves. 

  Kayla Wiltfong, a graduate student in the creative writing master’s program, planned a trip to Baltimore to have fun with a friend. After enduring the rigorous timeline of the master’s program, she plans on embracing everything Baltimore has to offer.

  “I’ll probably be just eating a lot of good food,” said Wiltfong.  

  Between teaching and learning, a much-needed break where she can finally sit down and relax in good company is well deserved. Contrary to her well planned out semester, Wiltfong is taking a more laid back approach for her plans in Baltimore and is excited to go with the flow. 

  Similarly Deyton Brown, an English major is traveling with his girlfriend and sounds excited as he describes their plans.

  “It’s a cabin in the woods, which is where, like, every horror movie starts,” said Brown. 

  Unlike a horror movie, they plan on sharing a romantic getaway in the peace and quiet, away from the stress and clutter of their day-to-day lives. 

  Brown and his partner plan on trying different coffee shops, restaurants and spend time outside hiking. As long as they can survive the horror movie plot, he looks forward to it.

  Some students, like mechanical engineering major Jessica Rice, are opting to use their free time to work on assignments to prepare for the last eight weeks of the semester. Due to the difficulty of her major, Rice is grateful for the break in classes and is choosing to focus on her particularly demanding end-of-semester projects that are looming just over the horizon.

  Many students are opting to stay at home and catch up on school work, take up more hours at work, or just enjoy the comforts of home. 

  Spring break is March 27-31. Many campus buildings and offices are on reduced hours so check the UMSystem student email for the up to date hours from UMKC Campus Recreation.

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