SGA Election Results

After months of turmoil in SGA, new plans arise for SGA

It’s been a busy week of campaigning, but UMKC is finally welcoming their new student government leaders.

Aurora Wilson, Staff Writer

  Ophelia Griffin is the new Student Government Association (SGA) president. 

Ophelia Griffen said her time in SGA has prepared her for this position. (Provided by Ophelia Griffen)

  Griffin, a communications major, is elated to be taking over as president after yearlong tension within SGA and her predecessor, Tim Nyguen.

  “I am feeling so excited. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” said Griffin. “The most exciting thing is being recognized for all the hard work Lauren and I have done to be in this position. We are so grateful.”

  Previously serving as an SGA at-large senator, Griffin said she plans on using her experience to guide her as she takes on the new leadership position. 

  Her role as president will begin May 1, and the responsibilities will consist of monitoring legislation passed by the senate, meeting with UMKC figureheads, and appropriating funds to student organizations. 

  Lauren Kreisel, a junior majoring in political science, will be serving as SGA’s vice president and said she is looking forward to bringing student leaders together. 

As a political science major, Lauren Kreisel said she is grateful to all her supporters. (Provided by Lauren Kreisel)

  “I am feeling so grateful! I appreciate everyone who supported our campaign and helped us get here,” said Kreisel. “I have big plans for the role of VP and am excited to get work.”

  The pair said they want to encourage inclusivity and support vulnerable communities on campus. Griffin and Kreisel said they intend on emphasizing a commitment to LGBTQI+ students while also staying up to date with any legislation that might impact UMKC students. 

  Griffin said she wants to create a new legacy for SGA filled with representation and fairness. 

  “The main thing I think will be different is that I will be going into this with an open mind and heart,” said Griffin. “Everyone deserves to be heard and advocated for.” 

  Griffin faced opposition from Metadel Assefa, Kiel Corkran and Priyanka Adhikari. 

  To learn more about the new president and VP, go to their Instagram, and to keep up with SGA, join their Roo Groups. 

  Scott Nguyen will be filling the role of SGA’s Internal Affairs Director. 

  Justice Horn will be the SGA’s Comptroller as he faced no competition. 

  The former SGA President, Tim Nyguen, was impeached on March 6, 2023, after a tumultuous term with claims from other members of SGA of a failure to complete his duties. 

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