Pete Buttigieg Visits UMKC | RooTV Exclusive Interview – RooTV 3/1/2023

At the last minute on Monday, RooNews was able to secure an Interview with the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg was visiting UMKC to meet with students and faculty and discuss the $10 million federal grant awarded to the university.

UMKC students also assisted in the design of the new $1.5 billion MCI Airport terminal, which Buttigieg visited on Tuesday.

Editor-in-Chief, Bre Blankenship asked Buttigieg about the grant, the airport, the situation in East Palestine, Ohio, and the Anti-LGBTQ+ legislation making its way into Missouri.


As part of our regularly scheduled programming, we are welcomed by Marissa Leggio and Grace Kertz. More developments have been made regarding SGA, Independence School District makes plans to move to a 4-day school week, Grace highlights the Girl Gains student organization and Marissa discusses the campus visit of author John D’Emilio.

For our segments on Lifestyle & Culture, we are joined by Josh Cunningham, Catia Montelongo, and Afnan Hussain.

And of course, Jackson Ogden takes us into the den to give us a weekly round up of sports.