Meet UMKC’s New Pep Band: The Mob

A new band is boosting school spirit

The Mob features a variety of instruments from saxophones to bass guitar

Catia Montelongo, Staff Writer

  After a year in the making, The Mob has struck the basketball court with new sounds and energy.

  The pep band, named after a group of kangaroos, is a new addition to both the Conservatory and Athletics Department that brings liveliness and school spirit to campus.

  Hannah Morrison, the director of the band and a second-year doctoral student, enjoys seeing what the group brings in terms of atmosphere, talent and personal growth.

  “My favorite part has been watching the students and The Mob get more invested,” Morrison said. “I’ve seen many of the students become more extroverted, more outgoing, and become stronger musically because they’re willing to commit fully and be really excited about it.”

  Morrison and Christopher Agwu, the associate band director of The Mob, have been tasked with designing an appropriate and engaging music book for a basketball crowd. They also work with a sound engineer to discover the best way to enhance the band so it does not sound unnatural in the gym.

  Morrison emphasizes the significance of school spirit and tradition, and how The Mob serves as a jumping-off point for this in the university.

  “I’ve been to schools that have done school spirit, and I know how incredible it can be,” Morrison said. “I’m excited to see the little seeds we made this year explode into something in the future.” 

  Zach West, a trumpet player and a junior studying music education, also wants others to know it is okay to let loose and be proud of your school.

  “I want to encourage people to not be afraid to show school spirit,” West said. “It’s fun to yell and be a knucklehead.”

  West is impressed with how everything meshes together and appreciates being a part of building a musical group.

   “It’s been really nice to see what these things look like when they are starting up,” West said. “Seeing everything in action is useful for my future career.” 

  The Mob was made possible through the efforts of C. Mauli Agrawal, Chancellor; Michele D. Smith, Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Dean of Students; Jennifer Lundgren, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; Courtney Crappell, Dean of the Conservatory; Brandon E. Martin, Vice Chancellor / Director of Athletics; Curt Jacey, Deputy Director of Athletics of External Relations; Steven D. Davis, Rose Ann Carr Millsap Missouri Distinguished Professor of Music  Director of Bands and Wind Ensembles.

  The Mob will accompany the basketball team on Mar. 1 at the Summit League Tournament in South Dakota.

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