Two Members of the SGA Executive Board Resign Early in the Spring Semester

Changes in SGA leave two open positions on the executive board

Bre Blankenship

  Two executive council members of UMKC’s Student Government Association (SGA) stepped down at the first general body council meeting of the spring semester. 

  These resignations come after a fall semester of rising tensions between senate members and parts of the executive council in SGA.   

  Former Chief of Staff, Kayla Foht, announced her departure via letter to the executive board, and strongly voiced her concerns with the 89th Senate. Foht started the position in Aug. 2022 and resigned after one semester.

  “I joined SGA to see the route of student involvement, to understand the heartbeat of campus collaboration, and frankly, to have fun,” Foht said. “Instead, what I have found are layers of animosity.”

  SGA President Tim Nguyen read Foht’s message to the general body during the council meeting held on Jan. 23. Foht learned this afterward, by reading the meeting summary sent via email.

  “I can’t keep adding [to] the massive ball of stress and negativity SGA consistently brings to the table,” Foht said later in her speech.

  After reading the note from Foht, Nguyen promptly proceeded to offer the open position to Speaker of the Senate Quyhn Tran, which she declined by stating, “I like my job.” 

  Internal Affairs Director Cameron Quick confirmed the on-the-spot job offer to Tran during the meeting was not a unanimous decision for the executive board.

  Student Body Vice President Haaris Rehman immediately followed in Foht’s footsteps and gave a parting speech of his own to the general body, confessing that many had probably already heard of his decision.

  While she removed herself from SGA, Foht believes there is hope for the executive board and senate to make amends and begin taking large strides in supporting students and creating change. 

  “The things SGA can accomplish if everybody could focus on one goal and work together would be incredible,” Foht said. “We’re all working for the betterment of the student body and working together is always better.”

  Since Foht and Rehman’s secession, neither position has been filled. Tran nor Rehman could be reached by Roo News for comment. 

  The next SGA meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 20, at 5:30 p.m. in the Student Union Chambers. 

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