UMKC’s SGA Creates New Student Councils

With newly formed schools, UMKC’s SGA is ensuring all students have representation

Shewit Abai, Secretary for SHSS

Soffia Hernandez, Staff Writer


  UMKC’s Student Government Association (SGA) is creating student councils to include the recently formed schools of study on campus. 


  With the merging of some colleges last year, many were left without representation. Therefore, new student councils are needed to mediate between students and the university. 


  Andrew Tracey, an SGA senator and a third-year psychology and sociology major, knows the importance and role of student-run government. 


  “SGA deals with the money that is collected from additional fees students pay,” Tracey said. “So [senators] have some say on how money is allocated.”


  Last year, UMKC dispelled the Schools of Computer Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Biological and Chemical Sciences and Education.


  The newly formed schools include the School of Science and Engineering, School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences and School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS). 


  UMKC student Sabrina Bentz serves as a Student Engagement Ambassador for SHSS, and was motivated to create these new student councils.


  “With the School of Humanities and Social Sciences being new, we wanted our school represented on the big stage of UMKC,” Bentz said. “We have about 10 different disciplines within the School of Social Sciences, so it’s important to make sure our voice is heard.” 


  UMKC’s SGA unites the student councils and aims to get things done on students’ behalf. 


  One example of this unification is when international students needed representation. The secretary for SHSS and SGA senator, Shewit Abai, noticed international students paid more to stay in the dorms over break and fought to make a change. 


  “International students pay ridiculous amounts [to be here],” Abai said. “For example, over breaks, where are they supposed to stay if they’re not allowed to stay at the dorms?” 


  SGA helped solve this problem, and the fee no longer exists for international roos. In addition to this victory, SGA hopes to continue making progress for the entire student body. 


  SGA members hope these new councils will encourage student participation and dismantle the idea that UMKC is a commuter-only campus that lacks student involvement. 


  “Apply! We’ve been having an issue of people being intimidated by the name and the commitment,” Abai said. “If you’re willing to put in time and effort then it’s easy to climb your way up.”


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