UMKC Celebrates Kindness and Giving in November

Students kickoff the season of giving and observe World Kindness Day

UMKC’s Kangaroo Pantry helps supply food to students who otherwise may go without a meal.

Maleigha Billings, Staff Writer

  From donations to volunteering, to gift giving, kindness is in the air at UMKC as the campus prepares for the season of sharing and celebrates World Kindness Day. 

  UMKC is filled with opportunities to spread some much-needed compassion, so students and staff who haven’t participated yet shouldn’t fret.

  Kangaroo Pantry

  One of the most direct ways those at UMKC can help out the campus is to donate or volunteer at UMKC’s Kangaroo Pantry, which is located in the student union at the CARE center. 

  Any help is appreciated according to Taylor Blackmon, the pantry’s basic needs coordinator. Students have even brought in their leftover Halloween candy.

  “It’s like a small treat for students who are choosing between the basics,” Blackmon said. “You don’t always think you deserve something like candy.”

  The pantry provides a variety of foods to students, and their official hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. If these hours don’t work for students, Blackmon makes accommodations and says her door is always open.

  UMKC Week of Giving

  In the spirit of World Kindness Day, celebrated on Nov. 13, UMKC is hosting a week of giving and partnering with United Way of Greater Kansas City.

  UMKC students and staff are encouraged to donate to help United Way as they serve 1 out of 3 Kansas Citians each year with resources ranging from mental health support to food assistance.

  “At UMKC, Kansas City isn’t just in our name, it’s our home,” said Chancellor Mauli Agrawal in an email sent to the student body. “We are committed to supporting our community through service and charitable donations.”

  Student-led acts of kindness

  Spreading kindness isn’t limited to volunteering or donating. There are many ways students at UMKC participate in helping those around them.

  Sophomore studio art major, Katrina Hill makes others’ days better by giving them gifts. 

  These small tokens of kindness can include their favorite snack or a bag of chocolates with a drawing created just for them.

  “I make it pretty and personal for whoever I’m giving it to,” Hill said. “I think that it boosts everyone’s spirits, whether we like to admit it or not to receive a gift.”

  Students aren’t just restricted to gift-giving, they light up others’ lives in various other ways.

  “I think it’s important to build others up, whether it’s giving someone a compliment or just holding a door open.” said sophomore creative writing major, Maddy Hunts. “It always brightens my day when a stranger says or does something nice for me, and I try to pass that on as much as I can.”

  World Kindness day was created to inspire kindness, and while UMKC students don’t need a reminder of that, they can still recognize its importance.  

  “I think being kind is one of the best traits you can have,” Hill said. “Kindness is important because you never know what someone else is going through and a little bit of kindness can really go a long way.”

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