Summit League Power Rankings: Men’s Soccer


With the Summit League play underway, where does Kansas City rank?

Gunnar Boughan, Writer

The 2022 men’s soccer season has just gotten started and there have been many impressive teams and players, while others haven’t shown up. The Summit league will be competitive this year with many new transfers and freshmen, not to mention new coaches. 

  1. Denver

  Dever is the most complete team in the league with a record of 4-2-2. Their defense is the best in the league by only allowing five goals in total and averaging .71 goals per game while having the second-best offense with 13 goals and 102 shots. Denver’s offense is led by sophomore midfielder Sam Bassett who is tied for the lead in scoring with four goals. 

  1. Oral Roberts

  Oral Roberts is second in the standings with a record of 4-2-1 while surging with a three-game win streak. Oral Roberts’ offense is one of the best in the league, but not better than Omaha, which has a 1.75 scoring average compared to Oral Roberts’ 1.44 scoring average. Their defense is also middle of the pack averaging 1.57 goals per game. Oral Roberts’ last-minute surges and competitiveness make them a contender. 

  1. Omaha

  Omaha is the final major contender in The Summit League with a record of 4-3-1. They have the most potent offense in the league, leading in goals scored with 14. Most of the goals are from sophomore forward Mathis Pilon St-Louis who is tied for second in the league with eight goals. While Omaha’s attack is dominant, the defense lacks mightily. They’ve allowed the fourth most goals in the league with 18, averaging 2.25 goals allowed per game.

  1. Kansas City

  Kansas City is in the middle of the pack with a record of 4-3-1. The Roos don’t particularly excel in any way, by being average in everything from goals scored with 13 and even goals allowed with 15. Even though they may be average statistically, they sit at the top of the Summit League standings with a 2-0 record and six conference points, three more than any other team. With conference games starting and Kansas City on a hot streak look for them to make a strong push this season. 

  1. Eastern Illinois

  Eastern Illinois is sitting at a measly 1-5-1 which is sixth place in the league. They are severely lacking on offense, tied in last with four goals scored. The only thing that they do well is goalkeeping. Sophomore goalkeeper Chad Smith is second in saves with 37. 

  1. Western Illinois

  Western Illinois is only one of two winless teams in the league with a record of 0-5-3. While their record isn’t pretty, Western Illinois is statistically better (while not very good) than the remaining teams. Offensively they sit in the middle of the pack with 72 shots, six goals, and six assists. Western Illinois has been disciplined this year with only 92 fouls, putting them third in the league. 

  1. Lindenwood

  Lindenwood holds a record of 1-6-1 placing them in seventh place, which is way too high for their play. They are at the bottom or near the bottom on both sides of the ball. Lindenwood has allowed 23 goals which is the second most goals allowed. Only St. Thomas has allowed more. The Lions struggle on offense too, averaging less than a goal a game with an average of .75. They also sit at the bottom of the league in shots with 64 shots, an average of only eight per game.  

  1. St. Thomas

  St. Thomas is eighth in the standings with a record of 2-7-1. While having a better record than Southern Indiana, St.Thomas’s goalkeeping is the worst in the league, allowing 27 goals, four more than any other team. The lack of goalkeeping affects the rest of the team by amplifying every little mistake that happens on the field. One positive stat for St. Thomas is they have the least amount of fouls with only 85. 

  1. Southern Indiana

  Southern Indiana is dead last in the standings with a record of 0-7-1. They are weak on both sides of the ball, allowing 19 goals and only scoring six in return. The Screaming Eagles lack cohesiveness to be able to move the ball efficiently. Southern Indiana has only had 61 shots this season, and less than half were on goal. They also lack discipline on defense having the third most fouls this season. The Screaming Eagles aren’t much of a threat to any other team.  

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