Anchor Island Coffee Temporarily Shut Down After A Late Accident


Anchor Island Coffee is located in KCMO, and opened in 2020. (Photo provided by Anchor Island Coffee)

Cristian Martinez, Sports Editor

Anchor Island Coffee employees were shocked when a speeding truck slammed into the restaurant during the evening hours on Tuesday. 

The accident occurred at around 7 p.m. The restaurant is located on Troost Avenue in the heart of KCMO. 

In footage taken by one of the owners, Armando Vasquez, the green Ford truck destroyed most of the front part of the restaurant. Throughout the video, a heavy amount of police officers and firefighters were present. 

Click here to watch footage of the incident.

Inside the shop, an array of assorted items can be seen scattered. The glass from the front door covered most of the restaurant’s floor. 

According to recent posts on Instagram, no one was injured. It is unknown as of right now how the accident occurred. 

A contractor arrived at the shop at around 9 p.m. to assess the damage. 

Vasquez and Mike Hastings, owners of the Latino and LGBTQ-based restaurant opened the shop during the start of COVID-19 in March of 2020. They’re known for their expansive coffee menu and variety of Latino-based breakfast items.  

We will bring you more information on the accident as we get it.