Takeaways and reactions from Chiefs’ electric, bounce-back win

Cristian Martinez

The Kansas City Chiefs had a field day on offense Sunday, racking up 471 yards in their 42-30 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. With big plays by both sides of the football, here are some key takeaways.

Offense added a new dimension

A lifeless running game has haunted the Chiefs for years. Now, the organization can finally add a ground attack to its explosive offense. Running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire gashed the Eagles front seven to the tune of 14 carries for 102 yards. The team as a whole complemented his play, earning 200 total rushing yards. 

Watching the Chiefs run the football with confidence is a sight to see. While teams have had to account for the explosive trio of Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, opponents will now have to account for both the air and the ground. 

If the Chiefs can continue balancing both styles, it will make it harder for defenses to contain this bombastic squad. 

Mahomes plays it safe and it pays off

Here’s the most interesting stat of the day: Today’s game against the Eagles was the fifth time in NFL history when neither team punted. 


While this speaks volumes on how troublesome the defense is, the Chiefs must be proud of Mahomes ability to command his squad with ease. Sure, the interception in the third quarter was ugly, but just about everything else this gunslinger did was perfect. Instead of forcing plays, Mahomes stayed put and made plays when he had to. 

While the conservative style of play was boring, it was effective. Still, no game would be completed without the Chiefs creating some big plays. Mahomes got the chance to showcase his sensational talent in the fourth quarter, chucking the ball deep to Hill for a touchdown to extend their lead. 

Keep it up, 15. 

Is this 2018 all over again?

A record-breaking offense restrained by a porous defense.

Chiefs fans will remember the glorious and heartbreaking 2018 season. Games from early this season have looked reminiscent of that unbalanced team, leaving us to wonder if the Chiefs have turned back the clock in the wrong way.

Well, not exactly. Yes, the defense looks inconsistent and awful. The pass rush isn’t present and the secondary is hit-or-miss. Tackling is also a huge issue, and injuries have kept some critical starters off the field for some time. 

This unit needs a bit longer for defensive guru Steve Spagnuolo to figure out what works and what does not in game-time scenarios. Once they find their niche, they could return to their infamous bend-don’t-break style of defense. 

Thank you, Andy Reid

In 2012, the Chiefs hit rock bottom. At 2-14, they were the laughing stock of the AFC West. However, a hopeless Chiefs Kingdom found their savior in Andrew Walter Reid. 

With the win over the Eagles, and after eight years of division dominance, two AFC championships and one big-time Super Bowl win, Reid reached 100 wins with the Chiefs in poetic fashion. In defeating his former team, Reid became the only head coach in history to have 100 wins with two organizations.


Reid’s role in the Chiefs organization these past couple of years has been monumental. He restored a once-glorious team to relevancy and has carried a dynasty for years. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication, Andy. 

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