Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Women’s soccer: Kansas City and Omaha tie in a scoreless, double-overtime draw

Kansas City played a total of 110 minutes and the defense was in the zone during Friday’s soccer match. The offense, however, was a different story. 

This game was a reminder of how the Roos need to step it up on offense. From Feb. 28 to March 20, Kansas City had a total of 31 shots. The Roos only scored two goals in that time span. In their recent game, they had two shots, both attempted by Rileigh Kuhns. 

When watching the offense, it’s clearly noticeable that they have entered a cold spell. Of course, every team will enter a bad streak, but what separates good teams from others is how they snap out of it. Coach Jessica Smith has shown the ability to keep the team afloat and break out of cold streaks. If she can help find ways for the team to get creative on the field, create space and improve their shooting accuracy, Kansas City can jumpstart the offense and start to win more games. 

While the team could not score, the defense played a solid game and kept it interesting. There were some flaws, though. Omaha had a total of 13 shots, with only four shots on target. 

The Roos’ defense played aggressively and was driven by Mackenzie Caldwell’s terrific goalkeeping. She had a total of four saves, which earned her the title of player of the game. Kansas City showed that it can keep up with any team on defense, and the team should continue to build on this impressive performance. 

There were an eye-opening 21 fouls throughout the course of the match, a signal that both teams put their all on the field and were playing aggressively. Only one yellow card went out, awarded to Omaha defender Grace Crockett.

Kansas City now moves to 4-5-1 on the season as the team looks to bounce back in a match against North Dakota on March 26.

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