Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Why is Spring Break so Late?

Taylor McIlwee, Contributor

There is little chance UMKC’s spring break will ever be moved up in the calendar, and students are not happy.

Spring break follows the UM system’s Collected Rules and Regulations 20.140.  These rules state that the UM system schools must have their spring break in the week that contains the last Wednesday of March.

Some students are already aware of these rules, but they regard it as a rumor and not fact.

“My friend said it was written into the bylaws,” said communications student Callie Thrutchley.

Most students think that spring break is scheduled by administration, and that it would be a simple fix. However, the last time the Collected Rules and Regulations were revised was in September of 2011, so there seems to be no change in sight.

This set of rules also sets the dates for when school starts in the fall and spring semesters. It gives power to determine the last day of each semester up to the campus of each UM school.

The rules apply to all UM system schools. This means that schools in Columbia, Rolla, and St. Louis all follow this set of guidelines. Their spring break will also begin March 25, at the end of the business day.

Some students are upset their spring break does not fall on the weeks that other universities around the country do.

“A friend of mine went down to South Padre, and they were pretty much the only school down there,” said communications student Nicolette Hillard. “They talked to the workers and they said it was packed the week before.”

Some UMKC students may not plan on going to popular spring break destinations because of the lack of other spring breakers.

Missouri State University (MSU) had their spring break from March 11th to March 19th. University of Central Missouri (UCM) has their spring break March 18th to March 26th. There was no word back from University of Central Missouri staff about how they determine their spring break.

Missouri State University Chair of the Academic Calendar Committee Chris Craig said that they align their spring break with the Springfield Public School District. Ozarks Technical Community College, in Springfield, also plans their spring break this way.

Craig says that this planning for spring break happens two years in advance and takes a lot of time and communication for everyone involved in the process.

Other students say they are upset because spring break is so late because they can’t truly relax. They say since there are only four weeks left after spring break, many projects and tests are coming up. This means they must balance school work and relaxing during the break.

All hope is not lost, though. According to the Collected Rules and Regulations any change to the calendar or rules must be recommended by faculty and the chancellor of the campus, then recommended by the UM president, and then approved by the Board of Curators. If students would like to see a change in their spring break, they would need to contact either faculty or the chancellor of campus and ask that they recommend a change.

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