Friday, June 24, 2022
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UPB Promotes Black History with Trivia and Snickers

Last week, Union Programming Board (UPB) dished out trivia and handfuls of Snickers candy bars to promote Black History Month.

Pens in hand, students convened in the Student Union to answer questions on sports, literature, political organizations and history; all to celebrate and promote Black History.

“What does the acronym NAACP stand for?”, “Who was the first Black woman to chair it?”, “Who was the first Black woman to be elected to congress?”, “Who was the first Black person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize?” and “When was Black History Month first started?” Students answered questions like these and many more against a running clock to prove their prowess of Black History. The top three were awarded books and movies written and directed by celebrated members of the Black community.

Though the trivia night had low attendance, those who participated felt it was well worthwhile.

“With these events we don’t typically have a big turnout. We wish we had more, but events like this are fairly new,” said Vanessa Esquivel, a senior and head coordinator of the UPB. “What I do is put on events that resemble culture and awareness, so I thought this would be a good one for the month of February.”

Many students may not know about the UPB and the events they put on. Esquivel said that there are text messaging and email lists that students can be put on, and urges her peers to be on the lookout for UPB fliers around campus.

While trivia night is the only UPB event for the month of February, Esquivel tells students to be looking out for upcoming cultural events.

“We have a belly dancer, a hypnotist, we have a hip-hop class coming up,” said Esquivel. “That’s not it, those are just some of our bigger events soon.”

For students interested in culture and snacks, and creating engaging events for the student body, the UPB is looking for future coordinators to create cultural awareness and activities on campus. Find out how to work with the UPB here:

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