Sunday, September 25, 2022

UMKC Students Haggled into Online Learning

Are technological resources in the classroom a student’s best friend, or worst enemy? While universities like UMKC grant students the convenience of online classes, some students who enroll in physical lectures face the inconvenience of online resources that are required to complete the course.

“I think online classes are a great way to earn course credit without having to go to class at a set time during the week,” recent KU graduate student David Sukenik said. “They save money and are generally easier than a normal course.”

Being able to study a lecture and do homework from the comfort of your couch seems to give students more motivation to enroll in online classes. They also provide an opportunity to knock out required credits during the summer. Students are able to learn at their own convenience while still receiving an equal quality of teaching.

When it comes to UMKC’s traditional classroom setting, students feel that e-books and access codes are more common than the traditional paper and print form of reading and writing. Students can do their reading online, and access codes provide online quizzes and homework. While this may seem to be a convenience, student complaints pertain to spending $150-$200 just so they can have access to their homework.

“I should have just taken most of my courses online,” UMKC junior Makenzie Keel said. “All my homework, quizzes, even my book is online anyways. I don’t even need to attend lecture.”

Keel also acknowledged the use of e-books in the classroom as an exorbitant form of a textbook.

“And you can’t get out of buying the e-books because they give you the access codes to your homework,” she added.

These new technological takes on traditional courses tempt students to take advantage of online courses to save time and money. With the option of taking courses at your own convenience, the idea of classroom lectures may become obsolete with future generations.

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