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UMKC student robbed on Troost

Bus stop at the corner of 51st and Troost where Revolus was robbed
Bus stop at the corner of 51st and Troost where Revolus was robbed

On Sept. 9, Chardley Revolus, a UMKC Political Science major, was robbed. He was standing at the bus stop at 51st Street and Troost Avenue, across from Go Chicken Go.

“I saw two dusty looking guys come out of Go Chicken Go, but I didn’t see where they went,” Revolus said.

The men appeared to be in their early-to-mid twenties.

About two minutes later, one of the men Revolus saw leaving the restaurant appeared behind him.

The man had dreadlocked hair and was wearing sagging blue jeans and a white T-shirt. He asked Revolus if he had change for a twenty dollar bill.

“No. I don’t have any cash,” Revolus said.

The man made small talk with Revolus, asking him if he attended UMKC.

The man’s attention went to Revolus’ $250 watch. He asked if the diamonds in the watch were real and how much Revolus paid for it.

“He kept asking me questions about the watch,” Revolus said. “I just stopped answering.”

The man gripped the watch on Revolus’ arm while asking questions. He told him to take the watch off, Revolus said.

Along with the watch, Revolus had also had an iPod.

“I invested a lot of money into that iPod,” he said. “It was personalized. It was an iPod touch. I paid $300 for it, and bought songs through iTunes.”

The man with the dreads asked Revolus what kind of songs he had on the iPod. Revolus said he had all genres of music.

While Revolus and the man discussed what was on his iPod, a second man appeared. Revolus remembered seeing this person leaving Go Chicken Go.

The second man had a ponytail and was wearing a white T-shirt with jean shorts.

According to Revolus, the man got straight to the point and said, “This is a robbery.”

“After he said that, the man with the dreads ripped my watch and my iPod off,” Revolus said. “I felt the earphones fly out of my ears.”

The two men slowly walked away, crossing through Go Chicken Go’s parking lot. Revolus followed them.

He noticed Go Chicken Go’s security guard watching from the window, but the guard did nothing.

Revolus caught up with the two men, grabbed his things and wouldn’t let go.

“That’s when I felt a gun in the back of my head,” Revolus said. “When I turned around, it was in my face and the guy with the ponytail asked if I wanted to get shot.”

The gun was a .22 caliber.

Seconds later, a male and female in a Dodge Charger pulled up.

Revolus told them he was being robbed. The male told the female to call police.

Revolus let go of the items the man with the ponytail put the gun back in his pocket and the two robbers quickly walked off.

“When the police came, they treated me like I was the criminal,” Revolus said.

He said while he was trying to explain what happened, one of the officers kept interrupting him. Each time, the officer would yell, “Stop!”

Revolus said when he informed the officers the men had threatened to come back if he called police, an officer suggested he go to another bus stop and catch the metro home.

Another officer offered to take Revolus home and he accepted. He was patted down before he was allowed a ride. The officers explained this was standard procedure. He was not allowed to have his book bag; it was secured in the back seat with one of the officers.

It’s been weeks since the incident, but Revolus is fearless. He still goes to the same bus stop. He said he is not afraid the robbers may come back.

“If I see them, I will know them,” he said. “I will never forget their faces.”

The officers said they would contact Revolus for a “follow-up” in two weeks, but has not received a call yet.

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