Wednesday, August 10, 2022

UMKC Shows Its Pride

Nearly 150 people turned out for the 3rd annual Ally photoshoot, hosted by UMKC LGBTQIA Programs and Services.


“We call it the Ally Photo partly because we want to bring an increased visibility to allies,” said Jonathan Pryor, the LGBTQIA Programs and services coordinator said. “But . . . being an ally is much more than showing up for a photo. It’s a commitment that we make every day and that photo can be a great symbol.”


Chancellor Leo Morton and other members of UMKC’s faculty and administration showed up.


“We had nice growth,” Pryor said. “The first two years, we had around the same amount, about 100-105 people. This year, we saw a pretty significant increase, about 50 percent.”


Pryor expressed excitement at the increase of student attendance.


“It was really cool to have campus administration there, but then we had a big growth in the number of students there, too,” Pryor said. “Truthfully, when it comes to who can impact the experiences of students, it would be other students. When we stop any kind of harassment or bullying, students have just as much power.”


Edit: An earlier version of this article identified the Lea DeLaria Pride Lecture as sponsored by LGBTQIA Programs and Services.  It is actually sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  More information can be found here.

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