Wednesday, August 10, 2022

UMKC Presents: Timeflies and AY Musik

Artist Timeflies became the surprise headliner when rapper French Montana backed out of a concert at UMKC last Thursday. The UMKC Office of Student Involvement and Student Government Association sponsored the concert at Swinney Recreation Center.

Montana’s team claimed low ticket sales was the reason behind the sudden departure. Thankfully, UMKC was able to get Kansas City’s own AY Musik to open for Timeflies. Students and community members excitedly gathered in the building for AY Musik’s performance.

“He’s such a great performer,” said UMKC student Carley Joe. “He’s a really good entertainer for sure.”

AY – also known as Aaron Young – was born in raised in Kansas City. The 25-year-old lit up the room with his performance, bringing both students and community members together to enjoy the night.

“We’ve been supporting each other since the very beginning,” said Michael Wheeler. “It’s good that he’s doing this.”

Wheeler, known around Kansas City as KCSUPERMAN, is a marathon runner who is seen jogging around the city.

“I support him like he supports me,” he said.

After enjoying the musical stylings of AY Musik, students waited as Timeflies prepared to take the stage. Timeflies is an American pop band made up of singer Rob Resnick and beat producer Cal Shapiro. Many students did not seem to know much about the band or their songs.

“We’ve never heard of them,” said UMKC student Angela Anzalone. “I’m not sure if anyone knows who they are. I just know AY.”

However, students did recognize a few of the songs Timeflies covered. They danced and sang along as the band performed a version of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

“I want you guys to sing this with me,” said Resnick. “I’m sure you know it. It’s one of my favorite songs.”

The audience enthusiastically joined in as Resnick raised his arms to guide them. Though many did not know much about the band prior to the performance, they delighted in singing along to cover songs and listening in on songs that were new to them.

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