Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Tuition Hike Proposed | UMKC School of Pharmacy Hit Hardest

Students may finally know the effects budget and funding constraints will have on their cost of attendance, thanks to a set of proposals released Thursday.

UM system officials will vote next month on the recommendations, which include a 2.1 percent tuition hike for resident undergraduate students and will apply to the 2018 fiscal year.

Increases for nonresident and graduate students range from 3 percent to 6 percent across the system’s four campuses. At UMKC, both nonresident and graduate students face a 5 percent increase in tuition.

The proposals hit UMKC’s School of Pharmacy the hardest with a proposed 10 percent increase in tuition, the highest across all programs at all four campuses. Not all of Hospital Hill faces such a steep hike, though. The Dental School is looking at a 3 percent to 5 percent increase, while Medical School students face a more modest 1.5 percent.

The proposal also calls for raising UMKC’s information technology fee to $14.10, compared to $13.49 at Missouri University and $14.29 at Missouri University of Science & Technology.

These recommendations come as the system anticipates millions of dollars in lost tuition revenue on top of the proposed $40 million in cuts from state funding.

The board of curators will vote on the proposal next month, after the state budget is finalized. The final systemwide budget is set to be approved at the board’s June meeting.

The entire list of proposals can be found here.

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