Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Top 5 stress management tips for college students

Stress is the pesky antagonist in every college student’s life story. Learning how to manage it in healthy and effective ways, however, can decrease the effects of daily stresses drastically.

Make to-do lists

Making daily to-do lists is an efficient way to make sure you accomplish your short term goals, preventing forgotten obligations. To-do lists force you to remember every assignment, test, work shift and chore that you need to prepare for to complete the day, but in a compressed manner. These are especially beneficial for those who don’t necessarily profit from using weekly planners and can only focus on a day at a time.

Take study breaks

As important as staying on top of schoolwork, giving your brain a chance to rest is vital to your success and mental health. According to, students should take study breaks every 90 minutes to maintain better attention spans. Choose a positive activity to fill the time. Netflix and naps are great distractions, but they aren’t the best study break options. Try stepping outside for a change of scenery and fresh air or make yourself a snack.


Sometimes, all we need is time to decompress and escape from our thoughts. Exercise is scientifically proven to lower stress levels and increase endorphins. Going for a jog around the block or following a yoga video on YouTube in times of stress will not only boost your mood, but also act as a distraction from stress.

Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

What seems like a given to most people turns into a luxury for a stressed-out college student. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is imperative to your success and overall mood. A full night’s rest will leave you rejuvenated and prepared to take on a new day’s task. Be sure to give yourself plenty of study and homework time throughout the day to prevent late nights that turn into all-nighters.

Treat yourself

It is important to recognize when your hard work pays off. After receiving an A on the test you studied hours for, buy yourself dinner. Splurge on those shoes you’ve had your eye on if you land that internship you lost sleep over. Rewards encourage us to continue working hard to meet our goals and make the stressful moments that lead to success less bitter.

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