Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Take a shot at getting involved with UMKC historic gun club

With over 300 student organizations offered, it is pretty easy to get involved at UMKC. Most people know about the Greek life, sports and academic and religious clubs offered on campus. However, few people are aware that UMKC is home to a historic gun club.

“The club was formed due to student interest and emphasizes the role of firearms in history,” said faculty advisor Andrew Holder.

The group consists of roughly 55 UMKC students and faculty who share an interest in historic firearms.

“We are a group of collector experts, hunters, ex-military, and gun novices,” said club president Ryan Nash. “We enjoy studying firearms, military history, science and technology, Second Amendment issues and sharing our different skills.”

In addition to learning about the history of firearms, members also enjoy shooting guns.

“We shoot with members and faculty in small groups at ranges all over the greater Kansas City area,” Nash said.  “We enjoy teaching each other or new shooters about the different firearms, safe firearm training and handling and comparing historic firearms which have had an impact on the historic battlefield or civilian life.”

Shooting is an important part of the club.

“[Shooting] is a way to bring history to life for the members,” Holder said.

New members do not have to be firearm experts or know how to shoot a gun. The club welcomes anyone with an interest in firearms or military history.

“Officers like myself and members of our Safety Committee happily teach new members and shooters firearm safety rules, safe firearm handling and techniques, and proper maintenance and ownership,” Nash said.

The club does more than just shoot and learn about guns, though.

“We also volunteer regularly at several non-profit events, ranging from range-maintenance and repairs at Kansas City’s Pioneer Gun Club to countless veteran’s events at KC’s Trailside Center and Liberty Wicklund’s CarStar,” Nash said.

In addition, the club plans to host cookouts, movie nights, and other social events throughout the year.

Overall, the historic firearms club is a group of like-minded people sharing a passion for guns and military history.

For more information, contact president Ryan Nash at

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