Monday, June 27, 2022
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Sustainability Team Sets Goals for 2015

The UMKC Sustainability Team has set its goals for 2015. The top five goals emphasize funding, waste reduction, policy, energy and transportation.

Funding goals include obtaining dedicated sustainability funding and creating a permanent funding source for the Office of Sustainability. The Sustainability Team currently receives no funding from UMKC. Another proposed idea is an initiative led by students for sustainability funding, using the University of Missouri’s one dollar per student green fee as an example.

The waste reduction and recycling goals focused on expanding the recycling collection system. According to the Sustainability Team, recycling needs to become a standardized part of the UM system’s facility management. Another goal is to make recycling and composting the primary method of disposal while reducing access to garbage cans. In the meantime, the Sustainability team will continue to work with students and faculty in ensuring they have all the information needed to recycle in their departments.

The policy goals for 2015 look into how UMKC should handle sustainability. The proposed goals include getting UMKC to make sustainability a part of UMKC’s participation in the Nelson’s cultural district planning process.

The Sustainability Team’s energy goals involve tracking how much energy and money sustainability efforts are saving the school. Other goals include educating renters of UMKC homes about different ways of managing energy and evaluating all buildings on campus for energy improvements.

As for transportation, getting more students on bikes is the main goal, and it involves establishing bike lanes on campus. Another goal is to have bike share stations on the east, west and central sides of the Volker campus. Other goals for transportation include examining alternative fuels for UMKC vehicles and getting all UMKC IDs to work on KCATA buses, even those of employees.

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