Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Hypnotist brings superpowers, mind readers and a private Drake concert to campus

Madison Heinen

On Monday, UMKC welcomed performer and hypnotist Chris Jones to the stage. With just a microphone and some music, he performed in front of a small audience at The Union, hypnotizing a few and entertaining everyone.

After clarifying that he is, in fact, not the devil (something he’s been accused of before), he directed the audience to listen to his voice and close their eyes.

It turns out hypnosis is a lot less witchcraft and pocket watch waving than simply talking.

After a few minutes of listening to his calm, even voice, it was clear something was happening to people in the audience. Jones suggested, very calmly, that those listening should sleep.

Suddenly, several heads dropped.

He walked to each of those individuals, and one-by-one got them on stage, the classic hypnotized look on their faces (imagine a drunk friend sleeping with their eyes open). Now, with a group of six hypnotized UMKC students on stage, an entertaining show ensued.

Jones instructed the participants to come up with a brand new, never-before seen superpower to reveal to the world.

The super powers were unveiled: Useless Man, who stands and looks important before the real superhero gets there. Banana Man, who throws bananas at people. Super Short Man, who can be picked up to help people reach things on the top shelf. Lastly, there was the crowd favorite, Clear, with the power to help other people go “clurr”.

Afterwards, Jones instructed the participants to select an audience member and read their mind. Highlights from this part of the show included a hypnotized volunteer describing an audience member’s happy thoughts as just “eggs”, with another volunteer describing an audience member’s thoughts as NSFW (apparently, this had something to do with a bubble bath).

To complete the show, he had the audience stand up. After hypnotizing a few more students,Carter convinced the group that he was actually well known musician Drake,there for a great concert.

All those participants got on stage and danced as Chris pretended to be Drake.

Then, he had them sit down and released the hypnosis, making sure to suggest that no one would feel embarrassed and that they had the best time at the Drake concert.

Talking to a few participants after the show, it was clear that Drake was great, but Chris Jones was way better.


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