Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Student Union theater a must see

Students spoke and UMKC listened.

Jody Jeffries, Director of the Student Union, said the University Theater exists because of the students.

“The theater inclusion in the building design program was the direct result of student focus groups conducted early in the planning process,” Jeffries said. “Students desired a special venue on campus that could host a wide variety of student programming, from movies to performances, talent shows and pageants, to speaking engagements and panel discussions.”

Since the Student Union opened in August, it has been put to good use.

“Student organizations and the campus as a whole have been intrigued by the possibilities of the theater as an event space,” Jeffries said. “To date, the facility has hosted over 10 events including four different movie presentations.”

As the word spread about the theater and its capabilities, dates filled up, but there are still options for organizations hoping to use the theater.

The theater has 329 seats with eight additional disabled access spaces. The technology UMKC chose for the theater is cutting edge.

“When fully complete, the theater will feature a SONY4K cinema quality projection system for movie viewings, as well as full 7.1 surround sound system with digital console,” Jeffries said. “The theater also has a rear projection system built for speaking engagements and electronic presentation, allowing speakers/presenters to speak from podiums stage left/stage right of the projection screen. The theater has the ability to digitally record audio from desired speaking engagements and performances.”

To use the theater, student organizations, campus departments and university initiatives are required to book in advance.

“SGA recognized student organizations receive annual booking privileges and are not assessed a booking charge,” Jeffries said. “Annual booking privileges allow student groups to schedule space in the Student Union, including the theater, within the calendar year up to the date prior to the request.”

Eligibility is important for booking purposes.

“Campus departments and university initiatives must first seek eligibility to book space in the Student Union, including the theater, through the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management,” Jeffries said.

For recognized student organizations visit

For reservation inquiries contact Lauren Baxter, Conference Assistant, or call 816-235-1416.

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