Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Student Organization Profile: Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha (ASA) is a new sorority on campus.

With growing numbers and passionate sisters, they plan to make their name known throughout the fraternities and sororities at UMKC.

“We are the newest sorority on campus,” Jenni Shea said, one of the founding mothers of ASA.

Shea said although this is their first year, ASA has about 38 members.

ASA holds its values of philanthropy high.

The national philanthropy organization are the Special Olympics and the S. June Smith Center where Shea said members help children with developmental delays and special needs.

ASA is able to give back to its community through philanthropy projects.

ASA has four primary aims: intellectual, physical, social and spiritual growth, which member Autumn Smith said the sisters try to live by.

The core values of the sorority are balance, generosity, growth, integrity, learning, relationships, responsibility and enjoyment.

The ladybug is the mascot of ASA.

“If you see the ladies around in red and black you know it’s [the] Alphas,” member Brenda Schamhost said.

“Alpha Sigma Alpha’s motto is ‘Aspire, Seek, Attain’ which fits with ASA,” Shea said. “Anybody will fit in because there are so many different types of people.”

ASA has become very diverse in membership.

ASA isn’t your stereotypical movie sorority,” Schamhost said.

With sisters from various backgrounds, it helps to create a distinctive sisterhood. Surviving as a Greek house has been easy for the sisters with all of the help they have been given.

“The other sororities have been really supportive and helpful,” member Bethany Jordan said.

“Rockhurst sisters have also given us a lot of support, which we are very thankful for,” Smith said.

The sisters of ASA have participated in several events this year, including the SigEp Volleyball Tournament, Lambda Chi Alpha’s Watermelon Fest, and Chi Omega Walk for a Wish.

They will host a breast cancer walk this year as well.

Even though the sorority is new this year, they have already gained the spotlight in academia.

“Three girls got into the Order of Omega,” Shea said.

By making goals for the future, the sorority helps to keep the sisters on track with the development of their Greek house.

Shea said ASA plans to “double in size in the near future.”

The sisters would also like to host more events on their own fundraisers.

For more information on how to become a Sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha or what events it will be hosting this year, contact Lauren Clifton at

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