Thursday, June 23, 2022
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‘Some Nights’ surpasses expectations


Fun.’s sophomore album is catchy and unique

The band Fun. is an American indie-pop band which recently released its second album, “Some Nights.” The group was formed by Nate Ruess, formerly of The Format. Other members were involved in prior musical projects, including Andrew Dost (formerly of Anathallo) and Jack Anton (formerly of Steel Train). “Some Nights,” Fun.’s second studio album, is known for its popular song “We Are Young” featuring Janelle Monáe.

The first song is the album’s title track, “Some Nights.” It starts with an eerie piano line, leading into a pleasant melody by Ruess, with an operatic voice in the background. Multiple sound clips play behind Ruess’ voice, giving the song an interesting feel. As the song picks up pace, the interlaced background vocals sound reminiscent of Queen. “Some Nights Intro” proves to be a fantastic start to the album.

The first several tracks are upbeat and fun. The fourth track, “Carry On,” switches up the pace. The introductory piano riff is simple, along with a few acoustic guitar chords. The song compensates for its simplicity with excellent, clever lyrics. In the second verse, Ruess croons “I’d like to think I can cheat it all / to make up for the times I’ve been cheated on.” The guitar solo after the bridge gives “Carry On” a pleasant ’80s rock ballad feel and provides a necessary and interesting transition from the previous tracks.

“It Gets Better” starts with an odd electronic drum track and a series of fast and hard electric power chords, reminiscent of Blink 182 or The Format. It’s catchy, and mixes up the album’s pace. Fun. does a great job demonstrating versatility in each song, captivating the listener rather than becoming boring.

“All Alone” is arguably the best track.

It begins with a classical line played on a harpsichord, followed by an explosive drum beat. “All Alone” is catchy and well-constructed. Harpsichords and classical music aren’t often merged into contemporary songs, but Fun. incorporates them with grace. The lyrics are actually sad, but without listening closely, one would never know. It adds a touch of irony to the brilliantly constructed song.

“One Foot” is an intriguing track, entering with a predominant staccato orchestra line. Lyrically, “One Foot” insists one must fight through bad situations. In the second verse, Ruess sings “what you’re calling a sin / isn’t up to them / after all I thought we were all your children / but I will die for my own sins / thanks a lot” with conviction.

“Some Nights” is a brilliant album, and the band’s name reflects the mood of their music. Though categorized as indie-pop, Fun. is also suited for the experimental genre. “Some Nights” is exciting and quirky, resulting in a solid sophomore album living up to fans’ expectations. Each song provides something new and interesting for the listener.

For those who enjoy bands like Queen, The Format, Passion Pit, MGMT or Foster the People, this album is a must-have. With unique tracks, listeners are guaranteed to have “fun” with “Some Nights.”

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