Friday, June 24, 2022
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Shake Shack: is it worthy of the hype (and price)?

Caleb Wilson

Lucas Cuni-Mertz

Shake Shack opened its doors on the Country Club Plaza Thursday, making Kansas City the newest home of the cult-classic burger joint.

Offering burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, hand-spun shakes and more, the New York City-based restaurant drew long lines and plenty of excitement. Hoping to avoid the hours of waiting, we visited Shake Shack on its second day, looking to see if the food was worthy of the hype.

Upon stepping through the doors, the restaurant’s atmosphere comes alive. A blend of traditional and modern decor, the restaurant makes use of its limited space in a unique way, with its kitchen as the centerpiece. The wooden tables are made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes, and the all-glass walls give customers a nice view of the Country Club Plaza.

For our review, we chose to get an order of fries, two shakes, a chicken sandwich and a Shackburger.

The chicken sandwich was perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of crispiness and a flavor-filled chicken breast. Complemented well by the “buttermilk herb mayo”, this sandwich is arguably the best fast-food chicken I’ve ever had. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

“This chicken sandwich is honestly better than Chick-fil-a, you can really taste the herbs and spices,” said UMKC sophomore Jordon Walker.

Shackburgers are made with 100 percent Angus beef with no hormones or antibiotics, and this comes through on your first bite. Incredibly juicy and savory, the burger is fresh and immediately melts in your mouth. All burgers come with Shake Shack’s iconic Shack Sauce, and although we weren’t crazy for it, the sauce is worth a try. The shakes are thick, creamy, and perfect for dipping their crinkle-cut fries in (if you’re into that).

Shake Shack isn’t very friendly to the average college student’s budget, with all menu items served à la carte. A double Shackburger costs $7.99, and a regular shake will set you back $5.19; however, if price isn’t an issue, the quality of the food is definitely worth it.

Of course, many Kansas Citians are lining up to eat here too, so be ready for a bit of a wait these first few weeks. If that’s a problem, you can always order ahead on the Shake Shack app and walk right in to pick up your order.

Serving quality food at a great location, Shake Shack is sure to quickly establish itself as one of the best fast food restaurants in town.

Score: 4/5 stars

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