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SGA President Tim Ngyuen discusses hopes for the new school year

 Student Government Association President Tim Nguyen never saw himself as playing a role in the university’s student government, let alone becoming the president. 

  Now in his second term, he is looking to lead his new team to “be better than who they were yesterday and embrace challenges.”

  Nguyen is a 22 year old in his first year of dental school at UMKC. He previously majored in biology and chemistry with a minor in business. 

   “I like working with students, alongside students, supporting students. I went through those pitfalls. I fell and I had to get back up countless times. So for me it’s being able to help students in that regard, both inside the classroom with SI and outside the classroom with Pre-Dental Society.” 

  Throughout his undergraduate career, Nguyen showed a knack for leading and mentoring. As a freshman, he was selected as treasurer of Pre-Dental Society and also became a supplemental instruction (SI) leader. These titles led Nguyen to other opportunities, such as other chemistry and biology SI leadership positions, eventually adding TA and president of Freedom Society to his achievements. 

  Nguyen’s leadership is going to play a big part in his plans for this year. With elections held last spring, he found himself surrounded with an executive board full of fresh faces. 

  “We have a lot of sophomore second years, and it’s how can I empower them, how can I challenge them, help them grow to accomplish their goals or to work towards them?” Nguyen said. 

  Seeking greatness for the executive board is not the only way Nguyen looks to lead and empower. Another large goal he wishes to accomplish is attempting to elevate other student organizations. 

  “I think it’s being a better listener. The good ideas and the best ideas don’t come from us. Whether it be, for example, trying to work with all the new people in SGA, both on the executive board and also to emphasize the legislative branch,” Nguyen said. 

  Nguyen is continuing to inspire others and lead in any way he can. He is focused on post-pandemic life and collaborating with other organizations to give UMKC students events to remember. On top of these goals, he is looking to mold his fresh executive board into the best versions of themselves. 

  “For me it’s quality over quantity. It’s better for us to see if we can get two or three goals rather than five or 10. Even though we might not be able to hit that end product, as long as we are moving forward and not just standing still.”

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