Friday, August 19, 2022

SGA discusses student involvement, Title IX reform

The Student Government Association (SGA) held their bi-weekly meeting Monday night, with student involvement and Title IX as some of the hot topics discussed among senators.

The meeting kicked off with Office of Student Involvement representative, Titus Amante, speaking to senators about Court Warming week, which takes place Feb. 23 to Mar. 2 next semester.

“Court Warming brings events [to campus] that students can look back on and be proud of,” Amante said.

He detailed some of the events of the annual spirit week, including basketball games, ice skating, a dance competition and a masquerade ball.

Amante’s emphasis to senators was how the week can boost student involvement and school spirit, a frequent topic of discussion at SGA meetings.

“We want students to have fun and get excited about these events,” said Amante.

Other presentations from the meeting included those given by Panhellenic Council representative, Kara Setaria, and SGA Executive Board President, Abdul Baba Ahmed. Both speakers addressed issues with UMKC’s current Title IX policies.

“[The Panhellenic Council] is concerned that UMKC’s’ Title IX training is not the most effective way to train people on campus,” said Setari.

Setari expressed concern that students were required to complete Title IX training “once and never again” and that victims often feel they don’t have access to confidential resources for reporting an incident.

Baba Ahmed’s presentation to senators backed up these concerns, adding, “There are currently no safe avenues for students to report if and when these situations happen to them.”

Ahmed emphasized an ongoing need for helping students feel able to go to the Title IX office or alert their department in the case of a situation.

No immediate solution was given to these concerns, but Title IX remains a topic among SGA meetings as a problem needing to be addressed. 


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