Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Second pharmacy professor fired following faculty review

UMKC announced the dismissal of another prominent School of Pharmacy professor last Friday. 

According to The Kansas City Star, UMKC fired Dr. Anil Kumar following his review by the 10-person UMKC Campus Faculty Committee on Tenure.

The university has refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding his review, citing privacy laws that prevent disclosure due to personal matters. 

​“When issues are reported with members of our faculty, we investigate and take appropriate actions as dictated by UMKC policy and the Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri System,” said Chancellor Mauli Agrawal in a statement. 

Dr. Kumar was a prominent member of the pharmacy faculty, formerly the chair of the school’s pharmacology division. His ouster follows that of former pharmacy professor Dr. Asim Mitra earlier this year. Following accusations by Indian graduate students of being used as personal servants while working under him, Mitra resigned from the university. UMKC subsequently sued Mitra for allegedly stealing millions of dollars worth of research from another of his graduate students. No connection has been made between Mitra’s actions and those of Kumar.


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