Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Please try the escargot


Ever feel like getting dressed up and heading to an elegant restaurant?

I am typically a Chipotle and pajamas girl for Friday night after a long week of work and school, but for my birthday dinner this month, something special seemed in order. French food, to me, sounded as special and as fancy as it gets.

From the outside, Le Fou Frog looks like an old diner or drugstore from the ’70s. It occupies a small, one-story, peach-colored building on 5th Street, just east of Kansas City’s River Market. Inside, however, the atmosphere is warm, intimate and sophisticated.

The atmosphere is modest, too. The staff is charming and friendly, completely lacking the air other elegant restaurant staff often exude. Our waitress did not hesitate to demonstrate when I asked how to approach the platter of escargot shells in front of me; she sincerely wanted me to fully experience it.

The escargot is just that: an experience. My expectations were not high (because … snails), but the garlic, the butter, the tender meat… I am now a believer that “Escargots Provençales” is a life experience.

My main dish was a tender, flavorful kangaroo (yes, that’s right) loin. My date had an elk loin that he raved about. Even simple sides like jasmine rice and a splash of veggies were somehow richer than the rice I make at home.

We did not walk away hungry, either. Contrary to the cliché, this fancy food filled us up for the evening.

For those leery of a $120+ tab (excluding drinks), there is also happy hour 4:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday–Friday. The menu includes escargot, so make sure to give it a try.

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