Wednesday, August 10, 2022

LaBudde Moves to 3rd Floor

Last Wednesday, students, faculty, and patrons celebrated LaBudde Special Collections moving the third floor of Miller Nichols Library.

“Ever since we planned the robot addition, this was in the works,” said Stuart Hinds, the Assistant Dean for Special Collections and Archives.

Some collections have been moved to the Roobot, Miller Nichols’ automated storage and retrieval system, for easier access. Larger and unsorted files are still in the back room of Special Collections.

“We basically increased the size of our user space five times and expanded the staff space,” Hinds said.

When it was on the fourth floor, Special Collection’s user space was a small room with a single table. It is now an expanded space with five tables and plenty of room for students to study and collaborate.

“Since we opened on Oct. 12, I would say that the majority of people coming have been students looking for a place to study,” Hinds said, not that he minds. Students are welcome to come in and study.



“The increased visibility has also got people coming in and asking about Special Collections, which is great,” Hinds said.

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