Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Keeping students safe: University of Missouri System ratifies revisions to sexual misconduct regulations

On Sept. 23, the University of Missouri System disclosed a list of revisions that have been made to its Collected Rules and Regulations, focusing specifically on the areas of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.
These revisions are based on the findings of a group of mental health and sexual assault experts assembled to assess mental health services as well as all resources available on UM campuses for victims of sexual harassment or assault. The task force was established in January by UM System President Tim Wolfe as part of an effort to address sexual misconduct on the University of Missouri’s various campuses. One of the revisions came as early as last April, when President Wolfe issued an executive order making it mandatory for all university employees to report sex discrimination to the Title IX coordinator.
Significant revisions include:
• More accurately defining sex discrimination to better comply with existing laws and most efficient practices (Sections 600.020.C.1-6 and 200.010.B.7.)
• Making it mandatory for employees of the university to report sex discrimination to the Title IX coordinator (Section 200.020.E.)
• Substituting a new set of rules on sexual harassment and positive work environment in place of the original ones (Section 600.020.E.)
• Formulating an updated equity resolution process for all discrimination claims when the accused party is a student or student organization, with a panel made up of administrators rather than faculty (Section 200.025.B.9 and G.6.a.)
• Clarifying the UM System’s prohibition against all sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination and that they apply to all students, employees, volunteers and visitors (Section 600.020)
“We want to encourage more people to come forward and feel comfortable coming forward,” UM System Chief Communications Officer John Fougere said in an interview with ABC 17 News.
These revisions were made in an effort to more strongly and efficiently enforce safety on all four of the UM System campuses and keep students, employees, faculty and visitors secure.

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