Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Kangaroos’ Hat Trick

UMKC women’s soccer began firing on all cylinders Sunday in their victory against Oral Roberts. The girls won 4-0 on a rainy afternoon at Durwood Stadium.

Freshman forward Kelsey Mothershead had three goals on three breakaways where she outpaced the defense. Roo’s team captain Sydni Young also put one in the back of the net in the 23rd minute.

“We made a really good team look bad today,” said Coach Chris Cissell. “We finally started playing like the way we feel like we should play, can play, and will play.”

Mothershead was the leading scorer for the Roos coming into Sunday’s match. She now has 6 goals in eleven games. The three goals showed similarity. Reighan Childers and Sydni Young both gave it to Mothershead in space, or she stole it off a defender and her speed separated her from the defense.

“Her speed is just crazy,” said Cissell. Mothershead, with composure, put the ball into the back.

“Us all connecting really helped with those goals,” said Mothershead. “Obviously I couldn’t have done it without my teammates.”

Young’s goal was a true captain’s goal. Childers put the ball into the 18-yard box on a free kick. The ball bounced three times before anyone could get a solid strike, but when she got her chance from the penalty kick spot she buried it.

UMKC lost last Wednesday to Drake’s female soccer team, a 1-2 defeat. The ladies of Kansas City had their first goal well into the second half. It was an assist by junior Nikki Lynch and a goal, close to the 18 yard box, from freshman Abby Small. Both teams scored in the second half but Drake quickly followed up with two goals after UMKC, resulting in their win.

Small’s job in soccer is to be on the defensive side of things. She said scoring the first goal of the night was exciting and unexpected.

“I’m a defender,” said Small, “but with my new positioning, it has allowed me to do different things in the attack.”

It wasn’t until the last several minutes of the game that both teams picked up their energy. In the 80th minute, Drake scored their first goal, which was a free kick with no assist from 20 yards away. With the two teams being tied, the UMKC ladies pushed for another goal. It was a constant back and forth motion until the 86th minute when Drake scored their second goal.

Source: Zach Linhares Reighan Childers
Source: Zach Linhares Reighan Childers

Throughout the game, the ladies of UMKC were pushed around by the players of Drake, yet no referee call was ever made. It wasn’t until the start of the second half when Drake would receive their first yellow card of the night for pushing senior player Emily Talmon. Much of the game would continue on without further interruptions from the referees though. Family members and fans attending would shout out at the refs as the girls from UMKC collided with the ground.

The girls had a hard time keeping up their offense and defense throughout the second half. Head coach Chris Cissell constantly shouted out, “Talk to each other.” Most of their opportunities to shoot were missed as they had a tendency to go to the corners of the 18 yard box and cross kick it to players inside the box. But they kept on attacking. Well into the 77th minute of the game, Drake had many free and corners kicks thanks to the refs’ calls.

Small reflected on the game against Drake. “We really stress the family aspect,” said Small. “We just work on making each other better and supporting [each other].”

Though UMKC lost to Drake, the girls’ soccer team have a chance to improve their season record in their next game against Kansas State on the 30th.

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