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Nine Minutes with Keith Jeffery


Brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery of Atlas Genius recently released their newest album “Inanimate Objects.” This Australian, alternative rock duo is currently on tour cross-country and set to visit two cities in Missouri – St. Louis and Kansas City.
There was only a two-week turn around between this tour and the previous, yet Keith still made time to talk on the phone with a fan about his hopes for the new album – and yes, his accent is terribly charming.
L: Hi, can you hear me okay?
K: Hey, Lindsay. I got you dear, yeah, how’re you doing?
[Introductions were shared and so on.]
L: How would you describe your favorite element of “Inanimate Objects”?


K: What I’m really pleased with on this album is, well, okay… If you think of an album as having these small, intimate moments and then, y’know, large, explosive moments, we expanded that. There are certain moments that are extremely intimate to the point where it’s just my voice with almost no other instrumentation around it. There’s other moments, like at the end of our song “Balladino,” there’s about 30 people singing. It’s a very grand sound. That contrast, I find very satisfying.


L: So, which is your favorite song from the album? Is it “Balladino”?

K: Oh, you know, it changes day to day, depending on my mood. At the moment it’s the song called “A Perfect End,” which is one of my favorites and consistently one of the ones I find most satisfying to listen back to. That and, yeah, “Balladino.” I’m just proud of what we achieved. It represents what we were going for. As an artist, that’s the hard thing – to actually hit the margin.

L: I am an actress, myself. I definitely understand where you’re coming from.

K: Yeah. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. For me, we hit where we were aiming and that’s a really satisfying thing.


L: What do you hope listeners will take from this album?

K: I would love for people to take the time to indulge in the entire album and let it take them on this emotional journey. All these songs are somewhat autobiographical. I tried to write them in a way that they have a certain universal quality to them. Almost everyone has had a heart break or been through situations where you question the meaning of what all these experiences mean. Like, what’s the purpose of going through relationships and having nothing to show for it other than scar tissue? So, if the album can help console people who are also going through those things then it’s all worth it.

L: Are you excited to play in Kansas City?

K: We actually played about three months ago in Kansas City. It was for a festival there. We were down in like an old industrial area. The show was great. It was about 100 degrees, about 99% humidity. It was a load of fun.

L: What questions do you hate that interviewers always ask?

K: “What is it like touring with your brother?” I’ve been asked that question about 500 times, and “Where did the band name come from?” Those two questions I’m asked more than anything else.

L: What do you wish you could talk more about in interviews?

K: Anything that relates to veganism, I love talking about. It is such a passion of mine – animal rights and non-violence toward all sentient beings is extremely important to both myself and my brother. I could talk endlessly about that kind of thing. Also, I do realize in this day and age, the general society is still not overly accepting of the concept of non-violence toward animals. So, we’re to not actually talk about it – just polarizing the public and kissing ass a great percent of the time. It’s just one of those topics.

Thank you’s and goodbyes were exchanged and Keith signed off with “Cheers!”


Catch Atlas Genius Oct. 20 at the Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland, and check out “Inanimate Objects” on iTunes and Spotify.

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