Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Google is still ‘Most Attractive Employer’ for grads

Once again, Google is the “Most Attractive Employer” for graduating students in the world, according to a global ranking by Universum.

The international reporting company conducted two surveys, one of college prospects seeking positions in business and another for those looking for engineering jobs. Roughly 160,000 career seekers were surveyed about their preferred employment destination upon graduation.

For the third consecutive year, Google came out as the most attractive employer for both categories.

Students with an academic background in business chose the tech giant as their number one choice, followed by KPMG, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Conversely, students with an emphasis in engineering chose Google, followed by Microsoft, IBM and BMW.

Analysts attribute Google’s dominance as a preferred employer to the innovative characteristics of its offices. With cool and innovative workplaces, it’s able to provide a fun environment for a generation it helped shape.

Moreover, today’s graduates place more value on innovative work environments and starting salaries instead of focusing on long-term benefits like older generations.

Analysts also believe other employers should follow the search engine leader’s precedence in order to stimulate productivity as the workplace continues to change. In a time when the global attitude of employees reflects the state of economic activity, they may benefit from laid-back office spaces.

Apple, considered one of the most innovative companies in the world, was 9th among business students and 7th among engineering students.

Ostensible omissions from the lists were popular web companies, such as Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. However, as the Internet continues to become more pervasive, analysts expect those companies to become more attractive to college students in the job market.

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