Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Gentrification in the West Side | Emmanuel Mack & Mylene Carrasco

This is a featured work by a student from Alta Vista High School.

Niggas in the hood living in a fishbowl/Gentrify here, now it’ s not a shithole” – A Tribe Called Quest

Gentrification? A word of many sides, but is it a good thing or is it a bad thing?

Gentrificated is an improvement of a property that may not be the same prices as it originally was. Which is not a great thing for everyone, especially if it meant to get people kicked out of their homes. That they have been living in for years with no problems there. On the other hand, it maybe make gentrification improvements, but it will only appeal to the higher class with more money.

In Kansas City, the Westside neighborhood is changing due to gentrification. A lady by the name, Gracie, been living in the west side for 39 years in the same house. And this is what she had to say about it. “Things have changed throughout the years, more businesses had been added for the economic and revenue”.

Gentrification is affecting neighborhoods in a deteriorated way by means of influx of more affluent residents. In other words, gentrification results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses.

Which come to Emmanuel where he has had this happen to him before. “One day we were just living a regular life then the next thing we have to move because the landlord has changed and now he has put lots of people that was living where I was were in debt for something that they can not pay for”.

Emmanuel had to move because a new landlord came and said they had to pay something that they were not informed before. In court, his mother and some neighbors came to talk about the changes in the rent and paying off other payment that just came to everyone’s attention. Another thing is the new rent, it is now an unreasonable price.

At the at moment Emmanuel and his family had to make a decision. Either they should stay and pay it off or go somewhere new? Later his parents talked about and came up with the conclusion that they should move because it is a better idea and a better decision. this is what the mother had to say about the decision.

”We have been talking about, and went with the idea of leaving because if we didn’t we probably won’t do it at all.And I personally didn’t want to live there any longer anyway”. With that said, it makes it clear that they are going to move to a new home, but is it that good? Is gentrification so important that it has to affect families that living their lives?

Sadly you can say that even if it for a bigger cause, it still can affect the people that is living there. What happened to Emmanuel family was wrong, yet is it that worth it?

Gracie said it’s a good thing for the economy and for people that want to start new businesses,yet there are possibilities that could have a family outside in the frosty, cold, winter or the boiling, hot, summer. Just to make a little more money by make the area look more nice. But none the less it’s still better for the state and the area it’s in.

Here in Kansas City gentrification is both positive and negative. It’s positive because like Mrs. Gracie said “more businesses had been added for the economic and revenue”. That quote means the economic is getting better all because of gentrification.

On the other hand it’s bad because Emmanuel said, “it just affects people that are not capable of paying a rent that’s above their pay grade or rate”. This quote means not many people have enough money to money to move from houses to houses. and that it’s bad because Emmanuel said “it just affects people that are not capable of paying a rent that’s above their pay grade or rate”. At the end they will end up poor with no house. Gentrification can make economic good but yet for people to go poor.

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