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Feel Your Feelings, Fool!: The Regrette’s Debut Album

Fresh punk rock quartet The Regrettes blitzed the new year with their debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool!, a hostile and brutally honest record. The group is made up of high school garage musicians Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano, Sage Nicole and Maxx Morando, who all seem to harbor only slight bitterness toward mainstream locker cliques. You cannot mistake the band’s blunt lyricism, especially with the title of their introduction track being “I Don’t Like You.” Accentuated by a combination of rugged and doo-wop sounds, this up-to-the-minute group’s first album is a great launch into their career.

The hit single from the album, “A Living Human Girl,” illustrates that Lydia Night is unapologetic about her imperfections and sings on behalf of all girls. As the numbers progress, Night’s grudges against hypercritical pom-pom-waving plastics and jockey mouth-breathers become more apparent.

“To those girls you’re hot like a fire, you are their only desire/But to me you’re nothin much, I know you’re just a liar,” she shrieks.

Just when a listener would begin to think she’s nothing but another heartless millennial, Night takes an unexpected turn into lovesick lyrics as she writes, “Hey I just wanted to say that I think I might like you and wanted to see if you maybe like me too/ Sometimes I wish that I never even saw your perfect face in the first place.”

She then eases into track 8, “Pale Skin,” which introduces the ominously dark side of her compositions. Night depicts heartbreak in this as she croons, “Fear is in my brain, is in your brain, making us insane/there’s tears streaming from my eyes, streaming from your lies.”

However, this phase doesn’t last long before she breaks out into “Ladylike/WHATTA B****,” where Night defines what “ladylike” seems to mean:

“Be nice, be dumb, clean the floors and wash your pores/Be insecure, be a wife, cater to a man for the rest of your life,”

And on the flipside:

“I heard that girl Lydia is a total f***ing b****/I heard that she’s a feminist so she must not shave her pits.”

A band whose name is rather contrary to their music, The Regrettes show no shame in Feel Your Feelings Fool! This rollercoaster of a record makes it certain that the band is definitely feeling their feelings. Having already signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records, along with being so musically inclined in their teen years, it’s clear that they won’t be a one-hit wonder.

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