Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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fashion corner: MA student dresses in ‘themes’


What’s your name and major?

Sarah Mundy, MA student in English

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is a little bit Bowie and Ducky, and a little bit Clara Bow, too. It’s pop art and librarian, neon-punk and loafers and slacks. Like some who wear their heart on their sleeve, I wear my various personas on my sleeve.

I’m appropriate or wildly inappropriate, and am comfortable being both.

Where do you find inspiration?

A lot of how I dress myself is a silent tribute to all the pop culture I love so much.

I find myself most drawn to musicians and characters in past movies more than anything else. My favorites are Patti Smith and France Gall. I’m also drawn towards “themes” and “movements” in different decades, I suppose.

Do you go through phases with style?

I have gone through so many phases over time, it is baffling. I’m unrecognizable now, I think, compared to the mohawk, plaid bondage pants, and plethora of facial piercings during my teenage years. I do go back to tight, dyed black pants, boots, leather jackets, and a good band t-shirt… I’ve left the safety pins and green hair dye behind, though.

What are your favorite pieces?

I more or less live out of my four pairs of high-waisted, skinny cut Cheap Monday jeans.

What would you consider your signature item(s)?

My four pairs of vintage-framed glasses. I have a variety but I tend to stick to ’60s mod and pop style.

Where do you obtain your clothes?

Usually I find pieces by happy accident or because I really need to replace old clothes. The majority of my favorite pieces are found at River Market Antiques, ReRuns, and various thrift stores.

What do you typically spend on clothes at a given time?

As little as possible.

How long does it take you to decide on an outfit?

I spend most days drifting off into thought over fashion. It’s something I keep an eye out for and is always on my mind. On a normal campus day, it’s no more than ten minutes. On a night out or day off, I have more fun.

I am extremely busy by habit; I’m finishing my M.A. and working two jobs, so I dress for long days. Outside of that, I dress myself as if I’m stepping into a role or character. Sometimes I feel a little reserved and I want to do the librarian-thing; other days I’m feeling energetic and want to look more like an eccentric John Hughes character from the ’80s.

What is your ideal outfit to wear on an average day?

High-waist jeans that are grey or black overdye and extremely tight and straight-leg; a patterned vintage blouse up to the collar and tucked in; a braided belt; flat simple lace-up oxfords, loafers, or my black and yellow “mesh” patterned ankle boots; my favorite black leather jacket; simple chunky gold earrings if I want an accessory.

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