Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Drag queens deliver important message at Pride Halloween Bash

Drag queens who took the stage at Saturday’s Pride Halloween Bash not only gave fierce performances but also encouraged attendees to make their voices heard this election season.

Transgender woman, Landon Patterson, also known in drag as Lanna Lux, made an announcement after her performance to Rihanna’s well-known track “S&M” that everyone should be getting to the polls Nov. 6 to vote.

“We have a man in office trying to take away my rights as a transgender woman, and we can not let him,” said Patterson. “We need to fight for our trans brothers and sisters.”

This serious break in the several performances from the queens didn’t harm the lighthearted atmosphere of the room.

Queens and students continued dancing and celebrating their “Hallo-weekend” to the variety of songs playing.

Queens like Sheila Tacku, Cynthia Doll and Jenna Giovanni worked their way down the stage and through the audience, dancing and contorting their bodies into impossible positions, especially in six-inch heels.

There was also a costume contest held for the students who dressed up.

The winner of the most creative costume was “Bob Ross”, who claimed it took her two hours to tease her real hair into the infamous Bob Ross ‘fro.

The Halloween bash, coordinated by Christian Wilcoxson, a junior, was seen as a success by many.

“I was very pleased with the crowd, and I was happy with the way they took the drag show and were interacting with the [drag]queens and [drag]king,” Wilcoxson said.

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