Friday, June 24, 2022
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Criminal Justice K-9 Barbecue

The Criminal Justice Club barbecue event was a success; despite Friday afternoon’s dreary weather Games and refreshments were provided for event attendees, and the KCPD K-9 unit dropped by after the barbecue for a demonstration.

The organization holds a barbecue every year to get new students acquainted with its veteran members and its purpose.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know our students better,” Criminal Justice professor Kristi Holsinger said. “I had wonderful conversations with many of our students, learned what they were interested in and about their career aspirations.”

The K-9 event was meant to serve as both entertainment and a learning experience for attendees.

“The K-9 event is KCPD’s K-9 unit coming to campus to talk about service dogs, what they do and performing a demonstration of some of the dog’s skills,” Jennifer Owens, a Criminal Justice and Criminology professor said. “We think these types of events might foster better police/community relations, get students thinking about job possibilities and show policing in action beyond what students have read in a textbook.”

KCPD Officers Ferber and Edwards led the demonstration, using Ferber’s canine companion. The officers discussed the dog’s unique responsibilities as a canine police officer; often involving its heightened sense of smell.

“We train our dogs to smell for that human odor,” Officer Ferber said.

According to Ferber, training canines for police work takes two to three months. Once assigned a canine partner, officers’ dogs become constant companions.
CJC members seemed satisfied with the event’s turnout.

“From talking to our faculty, I believe a lot of informal mentoring happened yesterday,” Owens said. Owens believes events like the K-9 patrol display and barbecue give students valuable networking and learning opportunities.

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