Thursday, August 11, 2022

College Democrats prepare for a tough Midterm Election

Gary Enrique Bradley-Lopez

With midterm elections less than 100 days away, the UMKC College Democrats prepare for a tough battle to keep and elect Democrats in Kansas and Missouri.

The group held its first meeting on Tuesday. Guest speakers from both Kansas and Missouri spoke about their involvement in the midterm elections and how the College Dems can participate.

“With the midterm, it is important for college students to see the blue wave, to tell their friends to vote and that all their votes count,” said Izabella Vadovicky, president of the College Democrats.

Organizers from the Missouri Coordinated Campaign spoke about field and outreach strategies using VoteBuilder, the Democratic Party’s voter database. VoteBuilder allows organizers to target people who are less likely to show up at the polls, and encourage them to vote with face-to-face contact.

An organizer for the Progressive Turnout PAC, a grassroots political action committee, also spoke at the meeting. Located in 19 states, the PAC focuses on districts that have a chance of flipping blue by electing Progressive Democrat candidates, with direct voter contact. In this case, the PAC is organizing in Kansas’ third district, where incumbent Congressman Kevin Yoder is being challenged by Democratic candidate Sharice Davids.

The UMKC College Democrats mission is “Proud Sponsor of Progress”, and to do so the group is focused on re-electing Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri, electing State Senator Laura Kelly as Kansas governor, Sharice Davids for US Congress in Kansas, and a slate of progressive Democrats in both states.

Vadovicky said the group’s goal over the next 100 days is is to register and inform voters, and continue working with campaigns across the area.

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