Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Chi O Cravings: More than just sweets

Chi Omega’s UMKC chapter is hosting its annual philanthropy event Chi O Cravings at 5:30 p.m. on March 6 at the Chi Omega house.

The sorority’s already-inviting house will be filled with a variety of treats to satisfy any craving, along with games and good company. Indulge in the goodies without guilt knowing all proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Julia Snodgrass, a six-year medical student at UMKC, explained that the foundation strives to grant wishes to children with critical illnesses. She said granting a child’s wish can, “give them the hope and strength they need.”

Snodgrass’ main focus as the chapter’s philanthropy director is to organize fundraisers so the chapter can play its part in helping make those wishes come true.

Snodgrass continued to voice her passion for the foundation by explaining how research has shown that granting wishes results in higher chances of survival—so much so that health professionals often include it in the treatment plan, known as the “wish effect.”

Last year, the chapter raised over $10,000 for their wish kid, and Chi O Cravings contributed a big portion in reaching that goal. The chapter’s passion for this foundation granted a child his wish to go to Disney World, and every year they continue to work together to grant another wish.

Senior Michelle Koverman said supporting Make-A-Wish has been one of her favorite parts about being in Chi Omega because she has seen up close the impact it can have.

“It’s a really sweet event!” Koverman said regarding Chi O Cravings. “No pun intended, but it really is fun seeing the Greek and campus involvement and have some fun, eat some yummy doughnuts, and just all come together as a community to help kids who are going through some of the hardest parts of their lives.”

Come hungry to Chi O Cravings where there will be an endless amount of treats and no better excuse to eat dessert before dinner than to help grant a child’s wish.

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