Tuesday, August 16, 2022

A word from the President

Fellow students:

As the elected representatives of this student body, the Student Government Association Executive Board finds it necessary to comment on the recent events concerning the Henry W. Bloch School of Management. We believe that the actions of a school and its leadership who failed to take corrective actions early on have blemished the positive and rising image of UMKC. We share the concerns with many members of the student body that our university’s leadership has prioritized false reputation over ethics and integrity.

This month, the Princeton Review stripped the Bloch School of its 2014 rankings in light of false data the school had provided over multiple years. This was the first time the Princeton Review has ever revoked any university’s rankings; the story has received extensive national coverage. We too felt strong feelings of embarrassment, disappointment, and anger when the university’s image came under scrutiny.

Our students’ distress has not fallen on deaf ears. That is why I, as Student Body President, want to personally invite our students to The Chancellor’s Open Forum this Tuesday, January 24, in Pierson Auditorium from 10am-11am & from 1:30pm-2:30pm in the School of Nursing Theatre. I will be present in both sessions to ensure that this conversation is facilitated with the transparency our students rightfully deserve.

I accept Chancellor Morton’s apology​.My expectation going forward is that the faculty and staff at UMKC abide by the same standards they ask of us: honesty, integrity, and pride. We must value this and take it upon ourselves to represent UMKC with honor and excellency. Just as it should be.

With Roopride,

Juan J. Bettancourt-García

Student Body President

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