Support local hip-hop artists

U-News Staff

The next rap song heard on the radio might be from a student at UMKC. My name is Houston Zizza; I am a student at UMKC during the day and a hip-hop artist in Kansas City at night.

Have you ever seen a flyer for a local hip-hop show on one of the bulletin boards around campus, or received one on the windshield of your car? If you have, it was probably placed there by me. While flyers are used for promotion, I also try and use them to familiarize students with a UMKC based artist.

The most recent flyer I may have been promoting is for the show Homegrown Hip-hip, a fundraiser for the victims of the JJ’s fire. I was part of a group of local artists that came together to try to do our part and help the victims of this tragedy.

The fire killed an alumnus, and damaged nearby property, including residences of UMKC students.

I don’t always perform at fundraisers, though. As an aspiring performer, I have joined local and national groups on their tours. These have included Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Lil John, Big Krit.

Doing shows with big-named acts helps draw a crowd, while my songs and performance gains me the fan base. Right now, my main goal is to gain a fan base. Without the fans, my music will never be heard, shared, liked, or Tweetted.

As a UMKC student, I feel it is important the people I am around everyday are knowledgeable about my music, but I also feel I should be involved in whatever they are passionate about. It’s important for UMKC students to know and support others at UMKC in whatever field they are passionate about.

I would love to support and work with other students at UMKC, regardless of talent or specialty and feel everyone else should do the same. And remember, always support local!

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