fashion corner: Kyle Hall expresses himself through style

Kate Baxendale

Photo Courtesy: Kyle Hall
Photo Courtesy: Kyle Hall

What is your favorite thing about fashion?

I like how it’s so expressive if you want it to be. It’s an outlet. Some people may choose to use it as an outlet of self-expression and some people express themselves in other ways.

What inspires you to dress the way you do?

I don’t really follow fashion. I don’t really base it off what’s on the runways. When I go shopping I try things on and if I like how it looks then I buy it. I don’t think I could categorize it, at least not now. In high school I was probably a prep.

Do you read any fashion magazines? Do you pay attention to what is on the runway?

It’s just not practical [to follow couture]. I can flip though a Vogue or something and look at those ads but I can’t ever look like that. I can’t afford those things. Facebook is a great tool. I like to see what my friends are wearing to get ideas and see what I like.

Where do you like to shop? Do you look for particular brands?

I love Urban Outfitters because they have small enough sizes to fit me. I like my clothes fitted for the most part. Sometimes I like to shop thrift stores. I like Arizona Trading Company, and Halls on the Plaza.

When people see you walking around campus or anywhere in public, what do you think they see?

Gay [laughs]. I think that’s what people see right off the bat. I hope I look put-together. I hope I look approachable, although that’s probably not the case.

Why not?

I guess sometimes I can come off as cold because I’m always in a hurry.

Has your style always been the same or has it evolved in any way?

My style has totally changed. When I started being more comfortable with myself and I came out, I quit caring what other people thought and I started dressing how I wanted to dress. I didn’t have to “straighten up” for school anymore, if that makes sense.

Describe your style in one word.


What trends do you currently like or dislike?

There are things that I wouldn’t wear but I don’t cringe when I see something I don’t like. To each their own. I don’t really mind what other people wear. It’s superficial to judge what people are wearing. But I just love boots and winter fashion. I like chunky. I feel like there are so many more options with winter clothes.

How long does it typically take you to choose an outfit? Do you plan what you are going to wear?

I very rarely plan my outfits. It probably takes me five to 10 minutes to get ready.

Describe your favorite article of clothing. Where is it from?

It’s really sad but I just ruined it. It’s an oversized long-sleeved gray t-shirt, with a swoop neck and a cute little pocket. I think it’s from Urban [Outfitters] about three years ago. I got it off the sale rack. I still have it and I’m going to try to repair it. The stitching on the neck came out so it looks frayed. I wore it with everything I had. It was very versatile—the perfect basic.

What does your closet look like?

It’s not really organized in a particular way, but I like to keep it neat. I really like my closet. I would say it’s modest but it’s the perfect size for me.

The Pantone Color of the Year 2013 is emerald green. What do you think of this choice?

I don’t mind emerald. I’d wear it. Who cares what color they [Pantone] pick? I don’t really think it’s a big deal.

Do you have any fashion tips for students?

It [fashion] is whatever you make it. If you’re confident with what you’re wearing, to me that’s fashion. If you are comfortable with your look and you rock it then people won’t second-guess you.

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