A disaster that shook Kansas

Sai Srikar Kadiyam

JJ’s, a local and beloved restaurant, went up in flames last Tuesday and that day will forever remain in Kansas City’s memory.

Around six o’clock that evening, I was opening the door to my apartment when I heard and felt a very loud blast. The magnitude of the explosion was so large that I thought it had taken place in the building next to mine.

As I opened my curtains, I immediately noticed the huge cloud of black, thick smoke. I then grabbed my keys and ran to the destruction site a few blocks away to find out what happened.

I caught my breath and thought about how lucky I was to not have been any closer. Then I began to feel sad for those injured, many critically. And later, when we learned the news that a body had been found, it made me painfully aware of how tragedies can happen when we least expect them.

Can you even imagine having dinner with a loved one, or enjoying a few drinks with friends, and then, from one moment to the next, everything is gone? You just never know what can happen.

This makes me think about the small things we often complain so much about. I know I do it all the time, and events such as these remind me how wrong I am for it. There is so much I should be grateful for, and I am. I’m grateful I can attend college in this country, I am grateful to be happily employed and I’m grateful for food and clothing. These are basic necessities so many people around the world don’t have, and yet they don’t complain nearly as much as we do.

I know I risk sounding preachy, but think about it. What are the things in your life for which you should be grateful? What do you have that others wish they had?

This is a time to show our support to those injured, to those grieving and to everyone affected by this tragic event.

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