Campus Fashion: Banks is fashion forward, has eccentric style

Kate Baxendale

Q: Name, year and major?

A: Calvin Banks, sophomore business major.

Q:Describe your style in one word.

A: Exotic.

Q:Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Music is my inspiration. Particularly rap. That’s what I do. I make music. I also really like cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse is my favorite. I like Disney and anime.

Q: Whose style do you admire and why?

A: Kanye West. I like that he’s not afraid to try new things.

Q: What are you wearing today?

A: I’m wearing a jean vest. They are very popular, especially this kind with the sleeves cut off, Levi’s, Converse and a hoodie.

Q: Have you always dressed this way or did you have a different style?

A: I used to wear oversized white t-shirts and baggy pants but so did everyone else. I guess it [my style] kind of evolved. I didn’t want to dress how everyone was dressing.

Q: How would you categorize your style?

A:  I can’t really categorize it. I always wear one over-the-top accessory. Today I chose this chain. I like to mismatch. I will pair unexpected pieces together.

Q: Where do you like to shop for clothes and accessories?

A:  I like The Bunker in Westport, JC Penney and Journeys.

Q: Are you a trend follower or a trend setter?

A: I would say both. I will work some trends into my style but I also take a lot of risks.

Q: How do you think people perceive you based on how you dress?

A: I think people are shocked at first. I get people’s attention.

Q: Have you ever received negative feedback about your appearance?

A: It depends on the setting. Like if I’m meeting someone’s parents or if I have a job interview my look can sometimes be shocking in a negative way. I have a lot of facial piercings too.

Q: Explain what you have going on with your hair.

A: This half is buzzed and it’s blonde and then this side is natural and long. Sometimes I will spike it up like a mohawk. I’m living in the future with this hair.

Q: Which city or country has good style?

A: I think all of Europe does. They are always ahead of us in fashion. I like what Tokyo has going on with the bright colors and the anime inspiration.

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