Stone Sour shakes up the Midland

Sai Srikar Kadiyam

It was loud.  It was crazy, and… it was sold out. The popular band Stone Sour, from Des Moines came to Kansas City to do what it does best, play hard rock hard.

The $9.89 tickets made it imperative to attend this hardcore experience at the Midland.

From teenage girls dressed up like vampires to shirtless, tattooed guys wearing creepy masks, the crowd covered a wide range of ethnicities and ages, all coming together for a one-night-only rave-like show where the music was the only thing that mattered.

Almost everyone in the crowd had a beer in one hand, while the other hand was up in the air with a rock’n-roll sign or a middle finger pointing to the back of the theater.

Stone Sour walked onstage at 10 p.m. after a great opening appearance from the Las Vegas band “Otherwise” pumped up the fans.

It all started when the strum of a guitar introduced “Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero,” the band’s newest hit. Beers started flying and the atmosphere was at its highest when lead vocalist Corey Taylor said, “This must be the best f***ing crowd I have seen in my life.”

Even though they were presenting their newest album “House of Gold and Bones Part 1,” Stone Sour played its biggest hits to the delirious joy of everyone, including “Through Glass” and “Say You’ll Haunt Me.”

The climax of the show was when Taylor was left alone onstage with his guitar and played the crowd’s favorite, “Bother,” for a sing-along mellow moment.

“You get better and better every song,” Taylor said to the roaring crowd that couldn’t seem to get enough.

Unlike other shows, the evening did not end as it started. The crowd was not only speechless, but also voiceless after an unforgettable hard rock experience.

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