Let’s establish a state sexual position…

U-News Staff

Ok, I’m sure that anyone reading this who knows me understands that I want everyone to take an active role in government at all levels.

From going to Friday morning coffees with State Senator Jolie Justus every week to lobbying in Jefferson City for bills affecting students or nondiscrimination all the way to flying to Washington, D.C., and sitting in Senator Claire McCaskill’s office after you have been denied a meeting, you should be involved.

But, some things are not necessary… Take House Bill (HB) 258 for example. It was introduced this session by Representative Pat Conway (R-St. Joseph). Last year it received House approval with bipartisan support but wasn’t heard in the Senate. H.B. 258 would establish Jumping Jacks as a state exercise in Missouri. Only Maryland has a state exercise (walking).

I get that Army General John J. Pershing is credited with inventing the jumping jack as a training exercise for cadets at West Point in the late 1800s and he is from Missouri.

So, in my dismay of seeing this pre-filed bill on the House of Representatives website, I went to Facebook to ask, “WHAT THE F***?”

Former Rep. Zach Wyatt (R-Kirksville) was quick to respond that “It’s about students taking part in the legislative process.” Well, with all due respect Rep. Wyatt, we have pressing budget issues. On Jan. 17,  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon proposed making a 12.5 percent, or $89 million, reduction to public universities.  Can’t we focus on the real issues in Missouri? The Rep. went on to say, “We as a state and nation have to continue to teach the younger generations. This is a great experience for them.”

Needless to say, my response to Rep. Wyatt was, “Then having taken a psychology of sex class…  I should go lobby for the state sexual position. . . Reverse Cowgirl.”

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