YJ’s, a Crossroads secret

U-News Staff

YJ’s Snack Bar and Café, located at 18th and Wyandotte streets, is much more than just a snack bar although the name is not misleading. There is the option of getting snacks as well as a nice cup of coffee, and you can even purchase a pack of cigarettes.

To get to the door, you must first open a screen door that has what looks like a year’s worth of stickers plastered on it.

I have been to YJ’s countless times, yet I always notice something new.   People are sometimes thrown off as they go up to the bar to place their order with the one employee that is working that night. You don’t receive a menu, but rather you have a few options between what they are offering that day.

Each employee has a different meal they prepare. Dinner usually starts at around 6 p.m. or sometimes a little later. YJ’s has a different type of cuisine each night. The variety in the dishes is impressive. For example, on Wednesdays they offer an Italian feast (both vegetarian and meat options) and a few days later you can have a great Middle-Eastern dish, and then the next day, hey, why not get some soul food?

The food isn’t the only part of YJ’s that makes it a unique beyond-dining experience. Because YJ’s is open 24 hours Thurs. through the weekend , you can meet a wide range of people.  After midnight, people start rolling in for the generous amount of breakfast food that YJ’s serves. I have had some great (and sometimes not so great) conversations with complete strangers where a few words have turned into hours of conversation, and I am convinced that our paths crossed for a reason. I’m sure that many people who frequent YJ’s share this feeling with me.

Reading reviews online, people rave about the breakfast biscuits and gravy. I can agree that they are indeed out of this world, and normally I don’t even particularly enjoy biscuits and gravy.

I encourage you to go to YJ’s with an open mind and mouth and try something that maybe you’ve never had or something that you think you won’t enjoy, because at YJ’s, chances are they will change your mind.

Now lastly, I must talk about the unfortunate part of going out to eat—the price.  It would seem that you would have to pay more than you would want to for this delectable food and great atmosphere, right?Wrong. Meals are usually $9-10, but I like to tip the employee since they are both cooking your food and serving it.

Go to YJ’s by yourself, or with friends and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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